Civil Discourse Series Kickoff Event

Monday, January 22, 2024
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Foster 250

As we prepare to navigate another highly anticipated general election season, we are reminded that whether in politics, the church, on campus or within our families, there is a need for civil discourse. While we may not always agree, civil discourse requires mutual respect and objectivity without hostility – demonstrating an appreciation for the experiences of others.

It is against this backdrop, and with our call to be salt of the earth and light of the world at the center , that we invite you to join us for a year-long series of campus-wide conversations, trainings and presentations focused on civil dialogue – acknowledging this topic is especially important at Baylor as we strive to be a marketplace of ideas and extend the love of Christ toward others.

Please mark your calendars to attend our series kickoff event, a panel discussion on politics and faith with noted scholars, theologians and authors, moderated by President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D. The conversation is scheduled for Monday, January 22 at 3:30 p.m. in Foster 250. More details to come, and you won’t want to miss this important event!